Australian and New Zealand Whisky

Australia’s Sullivan Cove Releases $10,000 AUD Whisky

By Richard Thomas Tasmanian whisky distillery Sullivans Cove has created the most expensive bottle of Tasmanian whisky to date, priced at $10,000 AUD. Made from French oak-aged single malt from the distillery’s top awarded casks including French Oak HH0525 – the World’s Best Single Malt Whisky (World Whisky Awards); French Oak HH0390 – the Best Australian Single Malt 2015 and French ...

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New Zealand Releases First 25 Year Old Whisky Outside Europe and Japan

By Richard Thomas In a milestone for the spread of whiskey-making outside the traditional five regions of Canada, Ireland, Japan, the United States and Scotland, The New Zealand Whisky Collection has released a 25 year old whisky. This release is the first time a 25 year old whisky has come from a outside Japan and Europe. The New Zealand Whisky ...

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The Rise of Fake Whiskey

Bagpiper Indian whisky

By Richard Thomas If you mention the term “fake whiskey” in American whiskey circles, more likely than not you’ll find yourself in a conversation about labeling issues and so-called “Potemkin distilleries.” Yet to a broader set of whiskey fans, the term might refer to a far more disturbing trend, that of the rise of truly questionable and in some cases ...

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Review of World Whisky Awards 2014

By Richard Thomas Whisky magazine’s World Whisky Awards attracted more attention than usual this year, perhaps because of the new faces that were among the results. Several of the WWA 2014 picks were also highlighted during the course of the last year by The Whiskey Reviewer, and here is our guide to the award winners: Best American Bourbon: Colonel E.H. ...

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Q&A With Sullivans Cove Distillery

Patrick Maguire, Sullivans Cove's Master Distiller

Interview with the Award-Winning Tasmanian Distillery By Richard Thomas Sullivans Cove wasn’t the first whisky distillery to come out of Australia’s early 1990s legalization, but it got started early and has come out twenty years later at the forefront of one of the most vibrant of the world’s new national whiskey industries. The distillery now has three single malt expressions ...

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