Bourbon Whiskey

Touring Barton 1792

By Richard Thomas Whenever I consider what a tourist can expect from visiting a distillery, most fall into two broad categories. Some live up to the romantic notions of what a distillery should be, with wooden wash backs/fermenters, gleaming copper pot stills beautifully displayed, and barrels stacked in picturesque warehouses. Most, however, are whiskey-making factories, and they look like it ...

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Smooth Ambler Bought By Pernod Ricard

By Richard Thomas In yet another acquisition of a small American bottler/distiller by an international drinks heavyweight, Pernod Ricard has bought a majority stake in West Virginia-based Smooth Amber for an undisclosed sum. Pernod Ricard is the world’s second largest drinks company, and owns Jameson, Seagram, and the Chivas Brothers Scotch Whisky portfolio, as well as a host of Indian ...

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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Brandy Cask Finish Whiskey Review

Woodford Reserve Brandy Cask Finish

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- It’s no easy task to keep track of everything that comes out in the jam packed, exciting Autumn release season of American Whiskey, the period when most of the highly prized annual limited editions and much else besides come out. Even so, Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection is one of those lines that should get more ...

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Tennessee’s H. Clark Distillery Releases First Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Prohibition came early to Tennessee, with the statehouse there enacting a temperance measure in 1909, ten years before the U.S. 18th Amendment took prohibition nationwide. So, when H. Clark Distillery in Thompson’s Station dumped their first barrel of bourbon and bottled it, they released the first new whiskey seen in Williamson County in 106 years. The occasion ...

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