Bourbon Whiskey

The New Oak Barrel Shortage

By Richard Thomas The “Great American Whiskey Shortage” isn’t actually a new story, since versions of it have been circulating in the mainstream press for at least the last few years. Yet insofar as the details of that story goes, the “Barrel Shortage” is definitely a new wrinkle. New oak barrels are a cornerstone of American whiskey-making, and that they ...

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Buffalo Trace’s Laboratory Warehouse Open For Business

Buffalo Trace's Warehouse X

By Richard Thomas Although Buffalo Trace held the grand opening for Warehouse X, its experimental warehouse-aging laboratory, in November 2013, the facility has since lain dormant, awaiting the arrival of its first barrels of whiskey. On Tuesday that wait came to an end, and with its first consignment of whiskey the Warehouse X aging experiment has finally begun. Climate is ...

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The Maple Bourbon Sour

By Richard Thomas If you like the new maple bourbons and smile at the adage “when life hands you lemons, make whiskey sours,” then the virtue of this drink ought to become obvious. In fact, if you actually have any maple bourbon on hand then making this simple summer cocktail becomes even easier. Ingredients 1 shot (1/5 oz or 50 ...

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