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Buffalo Trace Releases 11th Round of Single Oak Bourbon Project

Buffalo Trace Distillery releases the eleventh round of the Single Oak Project Bourbon which focuses on recipe differences, with variances between wheat and rye recipes, and also warehouse type – concrete floor warehouse or wooden floor warehouse. The wood grain size also varies in this release between coarse, average, or tight, leaving other variables in this experiment constant – char ...

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Johnny Drum Bourbon Review

Johnny Drum Bourbon

By Jake Emen Rating: B The Willett Distilling Company, also known as Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, showcases four different predominately bourbon-based series of whiskeys. There’s Old Bardstown, the Small Batch Boutique Bourbon lineup, showcasing trendy picks like Noah’s Mill and Rowan’s Creek, the eponymous Willett line, and then the Johnny Drum series. Johnny Drum Private Stock is the flagship of that ...

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Yellow Rose Double Barrel Bourbon Review

Yellow Rose Double Barrel Bourbon

By Jake Emen Rating: B+ Yellow Rose Distilling in Houston, Texas has been in the micro-distilling scene since 2010. The distillery is named for the story of Emily West, or Emily Morgan, who became known as the legendary Yellow Rose. Legend has it that she seduced Mexican President/General Santa Anna, helping Texan General Sam Houston storm right on through Mexican ...

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