Bourbon Whiskey

Bluegrass Sundown Bourbon Liqueur Review

Bluegrass Sundown Liqueur

By Jake Emen Rating: B- Bluegrass  Sundown is a coffee and vanilla infused bourbon liqueur designed especially to produce a velvety, rich dessert beverage — the Kentucky bourbon coffee. Think of it as the bourbon counterpart to the Irish coffee we all know so well. If you’re a fan of Irish coffees, hot toddies and everything else in that category — ...

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Bourbon Sloppy Joe Recipe

Bourbon sloppy joes on the skillet

By Richard Thomas   Bourbon barbecue sauce is a grocery and gourmet fixture these days, and once you start thinking about meat, sweet and tangy spices and bourbon all coming together, the next step is bourbon sloppy joes! The thinking behind this recipe starts with taking a conventional homemade sloppy joe recipe and substituting bourbon for Worcestershire sauce. In this ...

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Jim Beam Original Bourbon Review

Jim Beam Original Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating: C Jim Beam Straight Bourbon Whiskey needs little introduction, as it is one of the best-selling whiskeys in the world and an iconic label. Most casual whiskey-lovers are only dimly familiar with the Beam family, however, despite their place in the history of bourbon. The story begins as so many Kentucky stories do, with the immigration ...

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