Bourbon Whiskey

Q&A with Finger Lakes Distillery

An Interview with Brian McKenzie, Co-Founder of Finger Lakes Distillery By Richard Thomas New York State has become one of the busiest parts of the Union in the micro-distillery boom, and among the busiest and best-known of New York’s small whiskey-makers is Finger Lakes Distillery. Outside of New York State, you might be hard-pressed to find one of the variety ...

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George T. Stagg Wins Top Honors At World Whiskey Awards

(From Buffalo Trace Press Release) The whiskeys from Buffalo Trace Distillery were honored at the World Whiskies Awards, sponsored by Whisky Magazine.  The event took place in London in March and featured more than 300 whiskies battling it out during three intensive blind tasting rounds, seeking the coveted title of “2013 World’s Best Whiskies.” Buffalo Trace Distillery had three whiskeys ...

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Q&A with Ranger Creek

Ranger Creek's Still

Interview with Mark McDavid of Ranger Creek Distillery, San Antonio, Texas By Richard Thomas Micro-distilling has spread like wildfire in recent years, and craft brewing is already a fixture in America, but very few companies combine them. One such outfit that produces both beer and whiskey under one roof, sometimes called a “brewstillery,” is San Antonio’s Ranger Creek, who have ...

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Whiskey History: Elijah Craig

By Richard Thomas Educator, entrepreneur, and Baptist minister, Elijah Craig is also often credited as the legendary “Father of Bourbon.” The enduring appeal of Craig as the founder of Bourbon lies in the irony of a Baptist minister inventing America’s signature whiskey, and in a place that later became part of a liquor-free, first “dry” and then “moist” county* to ...

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