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Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon Review

By Jake Emen Rating: A- The Willett Distilling Company, aka, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, produces over a dozen different bourbons, plus a rye or two mixed in for good measure, spread out over several different brand names. They may be best known in some circles for their Small Batch Boutique Bourbon family, which includes Noah’s Mill, which happens to be one ...

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Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon Review (2013)

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old

By Richard Thomas Rating: B The Eagle Rare name has a storied history for what is a relatively modern invention. The brand started out as a high-proof straight bourbon in the mid-1970s, so while Eagle Rare is a relatively recent invention, it still predates the modern premium bourbon era that started a decade later. The brand was purchased by Sazerac ...

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