Bourbon Whiskey

Put These Whiskeys On The Table For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving paired with whiskey

By Richard Thomas Last year, I took the traditional pairings approach to producing a Thanksgiving guide, and that approach is still a perfectly valid way to go about serving whiskey with your holiday feast. The thing there, though, is that such an approach is categorical, making recommendations for different stages of the feast: aperitif, pairing with the meal, dessert whiskey, ...

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Bourbon Country Ham Sauce Recipe


By Richard Thomas This November installment of The Whiskey Reviewer‘s cooking with whiskey beat is a big different from what I’ve done in the past. First, I freely admit to never having made this sauce before, so this article is more of a declaration of my intent to make it! My Mom opens every Thanksgiving with small country ham biscuits, ...

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Release of New Ranger Creek Texas Bourbon Almost Here

Weary shoppers and turkey-stuffed families will have something to look forward to this Black Friday.  The collector’s item release that Ranger Creek announced in September called .36 Texas Bourbon will finally be available.  Less than 1,000 bottles of this collector’s item release was made, and the distillery release of this special whiskey is set for the Friday after Thanksgiving. .36 ...

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On The Road At Louisville’s Haymarket


By Randall H. Borkus A narrow late 19th Century building at 331 E. Market St in Louisville, Kentucky’s NuLu district hosts the appropriately named Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Part of that is how the bar is a stone’s throw from downtown’s historic Whiskey Row. The other part is the bar being within sight of the almost as historic Haymarket, an outdoor ...

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