Bourbon Whiskey

The Short Cuts Around Aging Whiskey

Woodford Reserve Barrels

Can Technology Shorten The Science Of Barrel Maturation? By Richard Thomas If public has been smothered with any one whiskey factoid lately, it’s that whiskey simply can’t be produced on demand. Actually, unaged whiskey can be made on demand, but the aged stuff takes longer, and boom times have left production decisions made several years ago a step or two ...

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Buffalo Trace Unearths Its 1873 Precursor

Buffalo Trace Distillery has gone back to its early distilling days, literally, with the discovery of early foundations and fermenting vats dating back to 1873. This is a unique find as intact remains of early buildings and equipment on many distilleries are completely removed during development and expansion. The discovery happened when Buffalo Trace began renovating a very old building ...

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Constellation Acquires Stake In Bardstown Bourbon Company

The Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBCo), one of the newest members of the Kentucky Bourbon club, announced today that Constellation Brands acquired a minority stake in the company. This strategic opportunity provides BBCo with a strong platform to develop new brands and create a long-term supply of authentic, Kentucky whiskey, bourbon, and rye. The Bardstown Bourbon Company recently developed a particular ...

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Michter’s Master Distiller Willie Pratt Steps Down, Releases New Aged Bourbon

Pam Heilmann Named New Master Distiller As 10 And 20 Year Old Bourbons Head For Market Michter’s Distillery has announced promotions of senior production staff as it carries through on its succession plan. Pamela Heilmann will assume the position of Michter’s Master Distiller, previously held by Willie Pratt, who will be transitioning to a flexible schedule as Michter’s Master Distiller ...

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Batch 5 Booker’s, “Off Your Rocker,” Now Available

By Richard Thomas The fifth batch of Booker’s for 2016 is now in distribution, this one dubbed irreverently “Off Your Rocker,” so named because Booker Noe was known to be rather fond of his rocking chair. Following the time-tested Booker’s model, the whiskey for this small batch was personally chosen by the Beam Master Distiller, Fred Noe, and bottled unfiltered ...

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