Bourbon Whiskey

Nelson’s Green Brier Releasing A New Finish In Bourbon Line

By Richard Thomas While they mature their in-house whiskey, Tennessee distillery Nelson’s Green Brier has been relying on sourced whiskey for its Belle Meade Bourbon, named for the famous estate on the outskirts of Nashville. The Belle Meade Line was expanded with Sherry and Cognac cask finished bourbons, and now they have added a Madeira cask finish to the line ...

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What Goes Into A Bourbon Barrel

Brown-Forman barrel char

By Richard Thomas One of the things I am continually surprised to discover about whiskey fans is how little they most of them know about the (apparently humble) bourbon barrel. Enthusiasts of all stripes can speak intelligently about the arcane intracacies of still design, mash bills and even yeasts, but know their knowledge of whiskey wood remains strangely absent. This ...

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Q&A With Greg Lehman, Watershed Distillery

Greg Lehman of Watershed

By Richard Thomas If you pay attention to drinks articles dealing with the best craft bourbons or the best bourbons not made in Kentucky, then you have probably come across the name “Watershed Distillery,” since the Columbus, Ohio micro-distillery has appeared in most of them. We’ve taken a keen interest in Watershed and it’s “Buckeye” bourbon for a couple of ...

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Pumpkin And Bourbon Mousse Recipe

By Richard Thomas Autumn is the season for everything made from pumpkin or seasoned with “pumpkin spices,” and while some people have developed a problem with that, I am not among them. What is more, autumn is also the time when the release calendar and the weather come together to make it whiskey season! What better way to bring those ...

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Jim Beam Strike Ends

By Richard Thomas The week-long strike by Jim Beam distillery workers came to a conclusion on Saturday, October 22. After voting 201-19 to go on strike, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 111D voted 204-19 to approve a new labor agreement with Jim Beam, an arm of Beam Suntory. The union went on strike not over money, but over working ...

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