Bourbon Whiskey

Maker’s Mark Unveils Their New Aging Cellar

Maker’s Mark unveiled its new bourbon aging facility on Friday, December 15. In a new twist, this facility isn’t a rickhouse or even a warehouse for palettized casks. Instead, it is a full-fledged cellar, designed specifically to mature Maker’s Mark products aged using French Oak stave inserts. Why a cellar? Because in the development of Maker’s Mark 46, the first ...

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Touring Barton 1792

By Richard Thomas Whenever I consider what a tourist can expect from visiting a distillery, most fall into two broad categories. Some live up to the romantic notions of what a distillery should be, with wooden wash backs/fermenters, gleaming copper pot stills beautifully displayed, and barrels stacked in picturesque warehouses. Most, however, are whiskey-making factories, and they look like it ...

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Smooth Ambler Bought By Pernod Ricard

By Richard Thomas In yet another acquisition of a small American bottler/distiller by an international drinks heavyweight, Pernod Ricard has bought a majority stake in West Virginia-based Smooth Amber for an undisclosed sum. Pernod Ricard is the world’s second largest drinks company, and owns Jameson, Seagram, and the Chivas Brothers Scotch Whisky portfolio, as well as a host of Indian ...

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