Bourbon Whiskey

Boundary Oak Open For Visitors

By Richard Thomas Kentucky micro-distillery Boundary Oak’s new location in Radcliff, roughly between Louisville and Elizabethtown, is now open for visitors. Boundary Oak originally opened three years ago, becoming the first legal distillery in Hardin County since Prohibition. They began a transition to a new and larger facility in Radcliff last year. The new facility has yet to begin operations, ...

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Maple & Bourbon Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Pork in barbecue sauce

By Richard Thomas Bourbon and Southern barbecue just go together. Just ask noted barbecue chef Adam Perry Lang. Here at The Whiskey Reviewer, following the cooking with whiskey beat has led us to trot out a variety of recipes that call for spiking barbecue sauces, classic sides, and suitable desserts with bourbon. Here we return to the subject of sauce, ...

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Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Bourbon Review

Henry McKenna 10 YO BiB Bourbon

By Father John Rayls Rating: A In 1837, a young Irishman named Henry McKenna completed his immigration to America by settling near Fairfield, Kentucky. He brought with him the generations-old family whiskey recipe, and established his distillery about 10 miles from the current distillery site owned by Heaven Hill in Bardstown, Kentucky. McKenna put his personal knowledge of whiskey to ...

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Cooper’s Craft Hitting Select Markets This Month

Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is set to hit shelves of eight select markets in July. This new bourbon celebrates the important role of coopers—the men and women who make and repair barrels—and honors the heritage of crafting barrels. The barrel plays an important role in bourbon production with over fifty percent of the flavor and one hundred percent ...

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