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A. Smith Bowman Sequential Series #16 Bourbon Review

A. Smith Bowman Sequential Series, 16th Release, 2nd and 4th use bourbons

By Richard Thomas Rating: B/B As much as Buffalo Trace is known for its commitment to experimenting with whiskey-making (witness Warehouse X), for a steady stream of interesting twists on the production process one should turn to their Sazerac stablemate, Virginia’s A. Smith Bowman. The most recent example is the latest release from the Abraham Bowman Sequential Series. The purpose ...

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West 6th Stock Ale Beer Review

West Sixth Stock Ale

By Richard Thomas Rating: B One of the earliest entries in Lexington, Kentucky’s recent “craft beer 2.0” movement, West Sixth has made a pretty substantial commitment to barrel aging. You can see it for yourself if you stop by during a special event in their back room, since it’s right there among their ricks. Coming from those stores and available ...

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Four Roses Al Young Small Batch Bourbon Review (LE 2017)

Four Roses Al Young Small Batch Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ It’s becoming a thing to put an identifying theme on batch-driven releases nowadays, a trend best exemplified by Booker’s adopting individual titles for its batches after two decades of doing without. Four Roses may be starting to go this route too, which is fine, since it really is a handier way to identify individual releases. ...

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Wilderness Trail Distillery Plans $9.9m Expansion

By Richard Thomas Kentucky’s Wilderness Trail Distillery has only been in their new facility, located just outside the quaint college town of Danville, for only a year, but they already have big expansion plans. The distillery intends to invest $9.91m in an expansion project that should increase production by a factor of six and add ten jobs. The project is ...

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