Bourbon Whiskey

Bulleit Releases Barrel Proof Bourbon

Based on feedback from his travels and from some of the world’s top bartenders, Tom Bulleit made the call to make the newest Bulleit Bourbon a high octane release, rather than focusing on flavors and finishes. That call led to Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon, officially launched last week. Identified by its blue label, this version of Bulleit is drawn from ...

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Buffalo Trace Releases Experimental, IR-Treated Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Distillery has engaged in an unconventional way to use infrared light waves for its latest bourbon experiment, applying the light waves to barrels before charring, with the goal of learning how new and different flavors can be drawn from the oak. Working with barrel cooper Independent Stave Company in 2009, eight special barrels were constructed. All eight first ...

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