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2bar Straight Bourbon Review

2Bar Straight Bourbon

By Debbie Shocair Rating: B+ Once again, my foray into America’s small distillers was rewarded with a delightful expression of amber gold that proved easy to write about. Dangling participle and all. 2bar Spirits is a Pacific Northwest distiller, but the story begins with a family whose 2bar Ranch in South Texas. Nathan Kaiser drew on that background for inspiration, ...

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The Whiskey Stick Kit That Really Works

Barrel Char In A Jar

By Richard Thomas One of the slew of accessory products that came out as a result of the Bourbon Boom were home-aging kits. Many of these were nothing more than oak sticks, with variations adding textured surfaces, charring or toasting. There have also been miniature barrels and, strangest of all, twirling whiskey sticks. The usual advised method for using the ...

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Chicken Cock 8 Year Old Bourbon Review

Chicken Cock 8 Year Old Bourbon

Updated December 1, 2017 By Richard Thomas Rating: B Chicken Cock is one of the oldest brand names in Bourbon history, established before the Civil War in the county seat of none other than Bourbon County itself, Paris. Nowadays, only Hartfield and Co. hang their hat there and Chicken Cock is a sourced brand, relaunched in 2013 and owned by ...

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Redemption Releasing Some Carter-Era MGP Bourbon

Whiskey collectors can now own a piece of American distilling history, with the launch of The Ancients collection from Redemption Whiskey Known for producing award-winning whiskies across ages and mash bills of high rye content, Redemption is expanding its portfolio with the release of an 18-Year-Old Rye and 36-Year-Old Bourbon. An extremely limited supply of both cask-strength expressions will be ...

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