Corn Whiskey, White Whiskey, and Moonshine

Alltech To Break Ground On Pikeville Distillery This Week

By Richard Thomas Alltech, owners of Lexington, Kentucky’s Town Branch Distillery, intend to break ground on their Pikeville distillery on Thursday morning. Readers of The Whiskey Reviewer first learned of Alltech’s desire to build a legal moonshine distillery in Pikeville, located deep in southeastern Kentucky’s coal country, via a Facebook bulletin in April 2014. The following July, the state of ...

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Red, White Pike and Blue

4th of July White Pike cocktail

By Julia Ritz Toffoli For year-round whiskey drinkers, the summer tends to pose a bit of a challenge. We want to keep drinking whiskey, but our winter favorites—like Manhattans and Old Fashioneds—don’t complement the heat very well, and stirred drinks are bit labor intensive if you’re making batches of cocktails for a BBQ or summer fête. With the Fourth of ...

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Peerless Distillery Open In Louisville

By Richard Thomas It’s a year behind the original schedule, but Peerless Distilling opened the doors on their new Louisville, Kentucky distillery yesterday, reviving a century-old brand in the process. Started by Cory Taylor, the great grandson of the founder of the original Peerless Distilling, the new company has plans to start with a line of unaged, legal moonshine-style whiskeys ...

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