English Whisky

The English Whisky Revival

By Richard Thomas When Penderyn opened in 2000, returning whisky distilling to Wales for this first time since 1894, most observers I know of reckoned it was an appropriate development. The Welsh, after all, were just as Celtic as the Irish and the Scots. But England getting into the whisky-making game was an odder development, provoking slight bewilderment. The English, ...

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East London Distillery To Make Rye-Malt Whisky

By Richard Thomas East London Liquor Company, an English micro-distillery that opened near Victoria Park in London last year, has announced plans to distill a rye-malt whisky hybrid. The distillery currently makes vodka and gin, so the rye-malt hybrid project will be their first reported foray into whisky-making. The mashbill is 58% malted barley and 42% rye, and will be ...

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English Whiskey Coming to America

By Richard Thomas As recently as the 1990s, whiskey-making was an entirely Scottish thing on the island of Britain, with the art becoming largely defunct in Wales and Scotland for most of the 20th Century. That started changing in the ’00s. Now Wales has a distillery in the form of Penderyn, and at least three distilleries are operating in England. ...

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