Irish Whiskey

Ireland’s Waterford Distillery Makes First Operational Run

By Richard Thomas Waterford Distillery made a major step towards becoming fully operational by making its first still run yesterday. This milestone was reached in record time, less than a year after Mark Reynier, formerly of Bruichladdich, after acquiring a briefly shuttered Guinness brewery from Diageo. Reynier brought many of his investors from the revival of Bruichladdich and his experience ...

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Irish Distillery Boom Gaining Speed

Walsh pot stills

By Richard Thomas One of the clearest markers that the whiskey boom was a worldwide phenomenon was the surging growth of Irish whiskey, measured not just in cases of Jameson shipped but in the revival of Ireland’s very distillery scene. Whereas Irish whiskey-making began the century consolidated around a mere three distilleries, by 2013 one could ask if the country ...

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Sazerac Doubles Down On Irish Whiskey, Buys Michael Collins

By Richard Thomas Sazerac acquired the Michael Collins Irish Whiskey brand last week from the Eagle Sellers, adding it to Concannon in their Irish whiskey portfolio. Michael Collins was a sourced and bottled Irish whiskey, owned by the Sidney Frank Importing Company and drawing on stock provided by the Cooley Distillery. Cooley was a major supplier of stock to several ...

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