Irish Whiskey

Choosing A Starter Irish Whiskey

The Beginner’s Guide To Drinking Whiskey From The Emerald Isle By Richard Thomas Surging Irish whiskey sales are a clear sign that many drinkers are ready to either discover Irish whiskey for the very first time, or else move beyond staples like Jameson and Bushmills White Label. Yet that very same surge means a plethora of new expressions have grown ...

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Irish Cocktails Round-Up

By Emily Ross-Johnson It’s that time of year again, where we begin to fret over what to serve for a St. Paddy’s Day shindig. It’s easy enough to throw some green food coloring in your beer and call it good, but you can do better than that! Irish Whiskey is an excellent choice for cocktails, but many people are a ...

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Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey Review

Glendalough Double Barrel

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ Updated April 2, 2015 Ireland’s Glendalough Distillery follows what is a tried-and-true pattern for craft outfits in America. Since whiskey takes a while to age and hardly anyone wants to wait anywhere from a few to several capital-hungry years before building a brand, Glendalough has resorted to a mix of unaged spirits and sourced whiskeys ...

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