Irish Whiskey

Teeling Irish Whiskey Review

Teeling Irish Whiskey

Updated March 14, 2016 By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Irish whiskey is the narrowest of the traditional whiskey regions, and one of the narrowest in general. Until recently, almost all whiskey production in Ireland was limited to just three distilleries: New Midleton (Jameson, etc.); Cooley; Old Bushmills. Once upon a time, all of Ireland’s many whiskey brands were either owned ...

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Concannon Irish Whiskey Review

By Jake Emen Rating: C+ Concannon is an Irish whiskey of the sort you likely haven’t tried before – produced by an American vineyard, Concannon Vineyard, which is based in Livermore, California. Concannon vineyard has strong Irish ties, though, as the first successful American winery founded by an Irish immigrant, James Concannon, who came over stateside in 1865. Four generations ...

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Whiskey History: John Jameson

By Richard Thomas Ironically, the biggest name in Irish whiskey is that of a Scotsman. John Jameson was born in 1740 in Scotland, and didn’t move to Ireland until he was 30 years old. Upon arriving in Ireland, Jameson was involved in the whiskey business, but it wasn’t until 1780 that the foundations of Jamesons were laid. That year saw ...

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