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Teeling Single Grain Whiskey Review

Teeling Single Grain Whiskey

Updated March 14, 2016 By Richard Thomas Rating: B Among whiskey-lovers in the British Isles, the words “grain whisky” often have a dirty connotation. This is because many view grain whiskey as the unwanted cheap stuff used to dilute more desirable malt whiskey. While some grain whiskey is indeed cheap, inferior stuff, so is some malt whiskey, and technically speaking ...

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Is Ireland Set For A Distillery-Building Boom?

By Richard Thomas Whiskey is booming, and few sectors of the world whiskey market are booming moreso than Irish whiskey, with just the American revenues for Hibernian spirits having grown by 460% in the last decade. Jameson, by far the largest brand name in Irish whiskey, has grown from shipping less than half a million cases in 1988 to more ...

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John Teeling Set To Start New Distillery

Drinks giant Diageo and the Irish Whiskey Company (IWC) have jointly announced that they have entered into an agreement in principal concerning the future ownership of the Great Northern Brewery site, Dundalk. IWC is majority owned by the Teeling Family and run by John Teeling, founder of the Cooley Distillery. Jim Finn and David Hynes, formerly Cooley Distillery directors, are ...

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Teeling Poitin Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B In Ireland, poitin has the same meaning as moonshine in the United States, and just as there are those who say moonshine isn’t exactly whiskey, some say poitin isn’t exactly whiskey either. Despite all that, in the United States a throng of small distillers have gotten into the business of turning out (legal) moonshine and ...

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Teeling Vintage Reserve 21 Year Old Irish Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Teeling Whiskey Company is a new player, so new that it’s whiskey is sourced rather than made by the company itself. That isn’t necessarily a knock for Teeling, since the man at the helm is former Cooley honcho Jack Teeling. Even so, nothing highlights Teeling’s novelty and lack of a distillery to call it’s own ...

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