Japanese Whisky

For A Real Shortage, Look At Japanese Whisky

The Big Whiskey Pinch Isn’t In Scotland Or Kentucky, But Japan By Richard Thomas Arguably the hottest ticket in the world whiskey scene today is Japanese whisky, buoyed by a rising tide of attention in recent years that culminated with it knocking Scotch whisky off the top slots in many rankings. This interest from international whiskey enthusiasts has been mirrored ...

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Hakushu 12 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Hakushu 12 Year Old

By Father John Rayls Rating: A- “From Suntory’s mountain distillery, nestled deep in the forests of Mt. Kaikomagatake, Hakushu is the herbal and gently smoky single malt. Straight from the untouched forests, mountains, and pure waters of the Southern Japanese Alps, it is no wonder that Hakushu is a “green and fresh” whisky, praised by the most curious whisky connoisseurs ...

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The World’s Most Innovative Whiskey-Makers

The Top 5 Pioneers Of World Whiskey By Richard Thomas Like many industries, the world whiskey industry has numerous figures that helped nudge it along into what we see today. The big Scotch brands were created in the main by several Scottish grocers, men who invented blended Scotch as we know it. Charles Gordon turned Glenfiddich into the first single ...

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Nikka Whisky’s Takeshi Taketsura Dies

By Richard Thomas Takashi Taketsuru, adopted son and blood nephew of Nikka Whisky founder Masataka Taketsura and a Japanese whisky pioneer in his own right, died on December 17. He was 90 years old. Born in Fukuyama, Japan in 1924, Taketsura was adopted by his uncle Masataka and his Scottish wife in the wake of the atomic bombing of neighboring ...

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Whisky Bible 2015 Snubs Scotch

By Richard Thomas Many in the United Kingdom are crying foul over the forthcoming 2015 edition of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, arguably the premier guide to international whiskeys, because for the first time not a single Scotch whisky has entered the book’s Top 5. Murray named the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 the world’s best whisky in his new ...

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