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California’s Stillwater Spirits Makes Third Malt Whiskey Release

By Richard Thomas Stillwater Spirits, located in Petaluma in Northern California, has announced the release of a third batch of its Moylan’s American Whisky, an American Malt brand. The new release includes not one, but two expressions. The first is an 86 proof malt whiskey, and the second a “Double Wood” cask strength version at 117.4 proof. The Double Barrel ...

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Puni Nova Italian Whisky Review

Puni Nova Italian Whisky

By Richard Thomas Rating: C Nestled into the Alpine foothills of Italy’s South Tyrol, Puni Distillery bills itself as Italy’s first malt whisky-maker. The family-owned and -operated concerned set up shop in 2010, installed Forsyth’s-made mashtun and stills, and began production in 2012. The spirit from those initial production runs were released earlier this year as a pair of young ...

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