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Tincup American Whiskey Review

Tincup Bourbon

Updated August 30, 2017 By April Manning Rating: B- Tincup Whiskey is owned by Proximo, also owners of Bushmills and Jose Cuervo, and was created in Colorado by Jess Graber, also founder of Stranahan’s, Colorado’s first legal whiskey distillery since the 19th Century. The name is a respectful nod to the gold miners who went out to Colorado seeking their ...

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Book Review: Alt Whiskeys

By Richard Thomas America’s two major whiskey states are Kentucky and Tennessee, and only one distillery straddles them: Corsair. With stills in Nashville and Bowling Green, Corsair is a micro-distillery surrounded by the majors. If that weren’t enough of a bold statement, Corsair’s innovative approach to whiskey-making has earned it a place in the forefront of the craft whiskey movement. ...

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Distillery Explosion Scare in Olympia, Washington

Blind Pig Distillery, a small distillery in Olympia, Washington, suffered an overflow accident on Wednesday, November 4. The release of steam and hot liquid prompted many in the immediate area to believe an explosion was imminent and fled the area. When the Fire Department arrived on the scene, tests revealed no explosive gases in the atmosphere. Thus, the risk of ...

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High West Silver Western Oat Whiskey Review

High West Oat Whiskey

By Father John Rayls Rating: B Anything High West produces already has me interested. Utah’s High West is known for sourcing its whiskey, and then performing its magic in the blending area. This is while they have been working on producing their own whiskey, and the High West Silvers are some of the earliest produced. I am not deeply experienced ...

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Balcones Receives New Scottish Stills

By Richard Thomas In the first major, visible change since the controversial departure of co-founder Chip Tate from Texas distillery Balcones, the company received a brand new set of Forsyth’s-made copper pot stills yesterday, according to The Waco Tribune. The stills were installed at the old Fireproof Storage Building, soon to be the new $15 million home of Balcones. Part ...

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