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The Rise of Fake Whiskey

Bagpiper Indian whisky

By Richard Thomas If you mention the term “fake whiskey” in American whiskey circles, more likely than not you’ll find yourself in a conversation about labeling issues and so-called “Potemkin distilleries.” Yet to a broader set of whiskey fans, the term might refer to a far more disturbing trend, that of the rise of truly questionable and in some cases ...

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Russia Blocking Imports of Kentucky Gentleman

By Richard Thomas Russia is set to ban the import of Kentucky Gentleman, a down-market whiskey made by Sazerac according to The Moscow Times. Russia’s consumer protection authorities have cited the presence of organic chemicals called phthalates as the reason for halting imports of Kentucky Gentleman, but the action comes as just one more in a growing list of American ...

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Q&A With Dry Fly Distilling

Dry Fly Distilling crew

An Interview with Dry Fly Co-Distiller Kent Fleischmann By Richard Thomas Distilling and whiskey-making has spread all around the United States in recent years, sometimes to surprising locations. One region where the craft boom has gone that should surprise no one is the Pacific Northwest, where craft beer-making got a foothold as far back as the 1970s. An increasingly familiar ...

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Whisky-Making Comes to Israel

Milk and Honey Distillery

By Richard Thomas One of the developments that has separated the current world whiskey boom from past growth times is that this spurt of international interest has spread not just the consumption, but the production of the stuff. Among the latest entrants to the world whiskey-making picture is Milk and Honey, the first whiskey distillery in Israel. Milk and Honey ...

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