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Big Bottom Barlow Trail Whiskey Review

Big Bottom Barlow Trail Blend

By Jake Emen Rating: B Big Bottom Whiskey in Oregon has been known in the past for their bourbons with unique cask finishes, such as those finished in Zinfandel wine casks, along with an overarching interest in experimentation. Still, Big Bottom hasn’t always been distilling their own juice, choosing instead the common path of new distilleries sourcing whiskey to get ...

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Dark Corner Stumphouse Whiskey Review

Dark Corner Stumphouse

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- If experimentation is the byword of the American craft whiskey movement, Dark Corner is certainly doing more than its share with whiskeys like Stumphouse. The whiskey starts with a 2/3s red winter wheat, 1/3 malt mashbill, and from there departs from the American whiskey model by aging in spent, small barrels from the distillery’s Lewis ...

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East London Distillery To Make Rye-Malt Whisky

By Richard Thomas East London Liquor Company, an English micro-distillery that opened near Victoria Park in London last year, has announced plans to distill a rye-malt whisky hybrid. The distillery currently makes vodka and gin, so the rye-malt hybrid project will be their first reported foray into whisky-making. The mashbill is 58% malted barley and 42% rye, and will be ...

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Del Bac Clear Mesquite Whiskey Review

Del Bac Clear Mesquite Smoked Whiskey

By Jake Emen Rating: C+ The Whiskey Del Bac lineup from Hamilton Distillers in Tucson, Arizona, is new and offers a family of single malts made in a more or less traditional Scotch fashion. The “more” refers to the authentic floor malting being utilized, while the “less” refers to the usage of mesquite smoking, rather than peat, giving these whiskeys ...

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Wild Turkey Forgiven Whiskey Review

Wild Turkey Forgiven

By S.D. Peters Rating: B This bourbon/rye hybrid from Jimmy and Eddie Russell first appeared in 2013. It’s success then ensured it’s comeback in October 2014. Originally the result of a “happy accident” in which a small batch bourbon found its way into a batch of high-proof rye, Forgiven appears to have lived-up to its name. The Whiskey Forgiven comes ...

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