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Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012 Results for Whiskey

The Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC) was held this year from March 5 to 9 in Astor, New York. This annual event assembles panels of qualified experts to rate a variety of spirits on a 100-point scale. This includes whiskey, which is divided into several categories: American Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye, Tennessee Whiskey, Blended Irish Whiskey, Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Single Malt ...

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About Whiskey Processing

Pot stills

By Richard Thomas Just how many people think whiskey goes straight from the barrel and into the bottle amazes me, especially when the word “blended” is right there on the bottle! Most whiskey and certainly all mass-market whiskey, is processed in some way. This even applies to the more rarefied stuff, much to the confusion of the amateur whiskey-lover. A ...

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Mekhong Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: F I encountered Mekhong Whiskey back during my backpacking days. Whiskey of any kind is sometimes hard to come by in Southeast Asia, the pocket bottle of Mekhong was cheap, and the whole point of traveling on a shoestring is to try new things, so I thought “why not?” I walked away disappointed, because Mekhong has ...

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