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KinnicKinnic Whiskey Review

By Jake Emen Rating: B- Blended whiskeys aren’t exactly new — the overwhelming majority of all the Scotch sold around the world is blended. However, blending unique, high quality American whiskeys (i.e. not neutral grain blends) into a distinct offering is indeed a fresh concept. Enter Kinnickinnic, a blended American whiskey made by Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The ...

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Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey Review

Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey

By Jake Emen Rating: B+ All variations of whiskey seem to be thriving these days. Think about the proliferation of single malts across the globe, the revival of rye whiskey, especially as a go-to spirit at craft cocktail bars, and the growth of American micro-distillers. Spokane, Washington’s Dry Fly Distilling – the first legal distillery in Washington since Prohibition, a ...

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Ranger Creek Moving Ahead With Delayed Mesquite Single Malt

By Richard Thomas After a delay of some months in its Federal approval process, the next whiskey release from Ranger Creek is finally moving forward. The San Antonio micro-distiller and brewer had intended the second installment in it’s Small Caliber Series, a Mesquite American Single Malt, for an October 2012 release. But that proved too ambitious, as the innovative concept ...

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McKenzie Pure Pot Still Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Another expression from those busy people at Finger Lakes Distilling in upstate New York, McKenzie Pure Pot Still Whiskey is their spin on the Irish style. American single malts and Irish-inspired whiskeys are a niche market in the United States, but certainly a growing one. The operative question for a whiskey lover interested in these ...

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DYC Pure Malt Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ The green label of Spain’s DYC Pure Malt represents the distillery’s only in-production single malt whiskey. Any malt whiskey coming out of DYC these days would be a single malt, because while the company owns two different plants in Segovia, the Valverde del Majano facility produces only grain whiskey. Remember that the definition of “single ...

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