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Sweden’s Box Whisky To Expand

Box Whisky was launched for the first time with Systembolaget, the Swedish off-license system, in June 2014, and the limited edition sold out right away. Ever since retailers all over the world have shown interest in the company’s products. Demand has increased dramatically, especially following the launch of Dálvve – the first standard whisky – since the end of last ...

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Mackmyra 10 Year Old Swedish Whisky Review

Mackmyra 10 Year Old Single Malt

By Emma Briones Rating: B- For the first time, there is a major Swedish malt whisky with an age statement. Mackmyra just launched Mackmyra Ten Years, a Swedish 10-year old single malt whisky. Although Mackmyra, the best known whisky-makers in Sweden, did launch a limited release with an age statement some time ago, that was never available for general sale. ...

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Alabama’s Clyde May Has A Cask-Strength 9 Year Old

Clyde May’s Whiskey is pleased to announce its newest release, a limited-edition 117-proof 9-year Cask Strength whiskey. This is the second limited-edition Cask Strength whiskey from Clyde May’s. Last year’s version, an 8-year Clyde May’s Cask Strength, sold out in a matter of months. This smooth-tasting whiskey will debut on select store shelves nationwide in time for Father’s Day, on ...

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Painted Stave Double TroubleD Whiskey Review

Double TroubleD Whiskey

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ Delaware’s Painted Stave Distilling and Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co. have gotten into the thing, not new but not altogether well-established either, in producing a whiskey distilled from beer, in this case an Imperial IPA. The result is Double TroubleD, initially released in 2015. My particular bottle came from the October 2016 release, bottle ...

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