Rye Whiskey

Six Laws That Made American Whiskey

Prohibition barrels

By Richard Thomas Whiskey is a quintessentially American drink, a connection that becomes clear when one sees how interwoven it is with American history. The story of American Whiskey is the journey of a rough, unaged distilled spirit made by farmers because it was cheaper to move than grain or flour growing and maturing into today’s modern, multi-billion dollar industry ...

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New Wintertime Whiskeys To Look For

Jim Beam Distiller's Cut

By Richard Thomas Winter is usually a fairly sleepy time for new whisk(e)y releases. After all, it’s the autumn that is the time of year bursting at the seams with hot ticket items. Once Christmas rolls around, things quiet down. That may seem a bit counter-intuitive though, since winter weather is pretty much synonymous with winter-warmer, whiskey-drinking weather. Thankfully, “fairly ...

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Barrell Rye Batch 002 Whiskey Review

Barrell Rye 002

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ When Craft Barrell Spirits (aka Barrell Bourbon) released their inaugural batch of rye whiskey several months ago, it was a noteworthy groundbreaking for one of America’s most popular independent bottlers. Little did we realize at the time that the company had something even more noteworthy waiting around the corner. I say noteworthy because it’s novelty ...

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Stoll & Wolfe Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Review

Stoll & Wolfe Rye

By Randall H. Borkus Rating: B- Arguably, Pennsylvania is the birthplace of American whiskey, as evidenced by what happened after The Whiskey Rebellion of 1791, which led to the migration of distillers to Kentucky to avoid Federal taxes. The boomtimes for American Whiskey has led to a revival of the Pennsylvania whiskey style, which disappeared completely some three decades ago. ...

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