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Q&A With Raj Bhakta

Raj Bhakta

A Chat With The Founder of Vermont Bottler And Distiller WhistlePig By Kurt Maitland Recently I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Vermont and see WhistlePig’s recently opened distillery, cementing the first step in their transition from bottler to distiller. That visit led to a later discussion with WhistlePig founder Raj Bhatka. Between corresponding with Bhatka for this ...

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WhistlePig’s Founder Battling Corporate Coup

By Richard Thomas WhistlePig founder Raj Bhakta’s splashy, sometimes even extravagant style had already earned him some enemies in whiskey media circles, and now it seems also on his own board. According to the Burlington Free Press, Bhakta was ousted from the helm of WhistlePig after a meeting of the company board earlier this month. The meeting was called by ...

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