Rye Whiskey

Old Maysville Club Rye Whiskey Review

Old Maysville Bottled in Bond Rye

By Richard Thomas Rating: B The latest product from the Old Pogue Distillery in Maysville, Kentucky, Old Maysville Club is the evolution of their Five Fathers. These are both revivals of Pogue distillery brands, and both based on an old Pogue recipe calling for 100% malted rye. The two year old Five Fathers met with decidedly mixed reviews, but Old ...

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Kansas’s Union Horse Adds Cask Strength Rye

Union Horse Distilling Company has announced the re-release of its Barrel Strength Reunion Rye Whiskey. Previously offered as a limited release in 2014, the new Barrel Strength Reunion Rye Whiskey will now be included as one of the distillery’s primary offerings. Crafted by Union Horse’s artisan distillers from a locally-sourced, 100 percent rye mash and bottled directly from hand-selected oak ...

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Ezra Brooks Line Adding A Straight Rye

The Ezra Brook brand, heretofore known for its bourbon, has a new addition to its product lineup: Ezra Brooks Straight Rye. The brand, which dates back to 1957 and has been a part of Luxco’s portfolio of whiskeys since 1993. Ezra Brooks Straight Rye is bottled at an honest 90 proof, and will become available nationally starting this month in ...

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