Rye Whiskey

Sagamore Spirit Launching Two Autumn Limited Edition Whiskeys

To mark the fall season, Sagamore Spirit today announced that it is launching two limited time offer whiskey selections under its Sagamore Reserve label: Double Oak and Moscatel Barrel Finish. The releases will be available next week in stores where Sagamore Spirit products are currently sold. “We are excited to continue to spread the word about Sagamore Spirit,” said Brian ...

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Bottom Shelf Whiskeys You Need To Try

Two Stars Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Although the world’s whisk(e)y boom has brought more choices than enthusiasts have ever had, the heightened demand has also led some prices to rise. It’s a fundamental market mechanism taught in macroeconomics: when supply and demand are out of balance, prices will change until the balance is restored. Thankfully, plenty of good, affordable whisk(e)ys are still out ...

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Redemption Releasing Three New Cask Strength Whiskeys

Redemption Whiskey, the independent bottler recognized for producing quality whiskies with high rye content, adds a trio of limited-edition aged barrel proof expressions to its annual barrel strength collection: Straight Rye (Aged 10 Years), Bourbon (Aged 9 Years), and High Rye Bourbon (Aged 10 Years), available in select markets in the United States. The Redemption Aged Barrel Proof selections are ...

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New Whiskeys For Autumn 2017 From Around The World

Michter's Toasted Barrel Finish Rye

By Richard Thomas It’s the first week of October, and whisk(e)y fans are fast approaching the middle of the ultra-hot Autumn Release Season. Usually centered on a series of much-anticipated, hard-to-get American annual limited releases, this year Scotland and Japan have some noteworthy whiskies either out now or coming out shortly to liven up the mix. These are the new ...

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