Rye Whiskey

Baltimore’s Sagamore Releasing Cask Strength Rye

Sagamore Spirit, a new Baltimore-based whiskey company, announced today that it will release its Cask Strength Rye Whiskey this December. This first release will be available in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Kentucky, New York, and New Jersey. “We are proud to make spirits worthy of Maryland’s distilling heritage,” said Brian Treacy, President of Sagamore Spirit. “As our bottle says, ‘We forged ...

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Whiskey Christmas Gift Guide

Jameson Caskmates

Bourbon, Irish, Scotch And Other Whiskey Ideas For Putting Under The Christmas Tree By Richard Thomas With whiskeys from around the globe more popular than ever, more people are giving the gift of whisk(e)y. Those not well-versed in whiskey may need some shopping pointers, while others who already know a thing or two may want some inspiration to find something ...

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Pittsburgh’s Wigle Releasing Bottled-in-Bond Rye

By Richard Thomas Located in Pittsburgh, the major city of Monongahela region of Pennsylvania, Wigle Whiskey has made their Rye a cornerstone of their spirits portfolio. Now they are poised to release Rye whiskey from 2012, part of their initial run put into 53-gallon ASBs, as a bottled-in-bond release. Bottled-in-bond whiskeys have been gaining more attention this year as good ...

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Put These Whiskeys On The Table For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving paired with whiskey

By Richard Thomas Last year, I took the traditional pairings approach to producing a Thanksgiving guide, and that approach is still a perfectly valid way to go about serving whiskey with your holiday feast. The thing there, though, is that such an approach is categorical, making recommendations for different stages of the feast: aperitif, pairing with the meal, dessert whiskey, ...

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