Rye Whiskey

Templeton Rye Lawsuit Cleared To Go Ahead

By Richard Thomas By finally and completely coming clean on where their whiskey comes from and how it is made, Templeton Rye was probably hoping to silence its critics and get on with the business of bottling and selling rye whiskey. No such luck, as the revelations were met with a class-action lawsuit that cleared the Iowa Attorney General’s office ...

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Templeton Rye Comes Clean. Again.

Templeton Rye Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Following a spate of high profile criticism in The Daily Beast and The Des Moines Register, Iowa whiskey bottler Templeton Rye promised to come clean and cease labeling and marketing practices that many regarded as deceptive. Now they have gone one step further by not only promising to come into compliance with the letter of the law, ...

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Wild Turkey Returns To Forgiven Bourbon/Rye Hybrid

By Richard Thomas Wild Turkey released what has been described as a “happy accident” in 2013. As the story goes, a set of small batch whiskey was accidentally blended with high proof rye, and this at a time when Wild Turkey’s rye supply was running short. But after tasting the mistake, Eddie Russell, son and deputy of Master Distiller Jimmy ...

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Catoctin Creek Set To Release Cask Strength, Brandy Finish Rye

By Richard Thomas Catoctin Creek has announced the release date for the newest expression of their popular Roundstone Rye Whiskey. The 2014 Roundstone Rye Cask Proof Brandy Finish will be released at the distillery for VIP members on October 19th, and then to the general public on November 1st. The base for this whiskey is the distillery’s single barrel Roundstone ...

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