Rye Whiskey

Templeton Rye Promises To Clean Up

By Richard Thomas Templeton Rye, the Iowa-based whiskey bottler that has been accused of deceptive marketing for several years, has finally pledged to come clean according to a story in the Des Moines Register last week. In 2006 the company began bottling and selling whiskey from the 95% rye whiskey stock of MGP, the Lawrenceburg, Indiana industrial distillery, while claiming ...

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Cody Road Rye Whiskey Review

Cody Road Rye Whiskey

Updated August 7, 2017 By S.D. Peters Average Rating: B- The city of LeClaire, Iowa, sits on a westward bend of the Mississippi River, approximately 160 southwest of Chicago. The extraordinary U.S. showman William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was born here in 1846, and 166 years later the Mississippi River Distilling Co. gave Buffalo Bill’s hometown another extraordinary Cody: Cody Road ...

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The Case Against Templeton Rye

Templeton Rye Whiskey

By Richard Thomas In American whiskey circles, few if any companies elicit the same level of suspicion as Templeton Rye. Take the company’s recent marketing exploit in turning their spent mash grain into hog feed to create “whiskey pigs.” The claim was met with a storm of derision in the blogosphere, with some questioning whether the grain in question was ...

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Book Review: Gentlemen Bootleggers

By Richard Thomas When Templeton Rye launched its product several years ago, they accompanied it with a marketing campaign full of tales of Prohibition-era bootlegging and Al Capone. The company soon got itself into trouble in whiskey circles for its misleading claims of making a rye based on Iowa bootlegging recipes, when it was in fact bottling LDI’s 95% rye. ...

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Buffalo Trace To Release Warehouse K Rye Experiment

What happens when you age the exact same bourbon, for the same length of time, but on different warehouse floors?  Does the altitude make a difference? Buffalo Trace Distillery attempts to find out in its latest experiment. The Warehouse Floors Experiment was started in 2001, when Buffalo Trace’s Rye Mash recipe #1 was put into barrels and then aged on ...

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