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Sneak Peek: Town Branch Rye

Town Branch Rye

Updated December 19, 2016 By Richard Thomas Average Rating: B- With a visit to the United States on the horizon, I contacted the fine folks at the Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company (usually known as “Town Branch” on the whiskey side, after the Bourbon) about the availability of their new Bourbon Barrel Stout, and they invited me to stop by. ...

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Q&A with Finger Lakes Distillery

An Interview with Brian McKenzie, Co-Founder of Finger Lakes Distillery By Richard Thomas New York State has become one of the busiest parts of the Union in the micro-distillery boom, and among the busiest and best-known of New York’s small whiskey-makers is Finger Lakes Distillery. Outside of New York State, you might be hard-pressed to find one of the variety ...

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