Rye Whiskey

McKenzie Rye Whiskey Review

By S.D. Peters Rating: B Referring to the small, independent distilleries cropping up in the wake of the high-end cocktail boom as “micro-distilleries” downplays the larger importance of these small distillers in the American Whiskey industry.  Worse, however, is calling them “boutique distilleries”.  True, the dedication of these distilleries to the art of distillation is highly specialized, and the rewards ...

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The Rye Whiskey Craze and Crunch

By Richard Thomas Whiskey of all types has experienced a boom in sales in recent years, and while shortage stories periodically pop up in the media, these vague ruminations are largely unfounded. Unfounded, that is, unless you are talking about rye whiskey. That a rye whiskey craze and crunch is in progress is beyond dispute. Sales of rye whiskey have ...

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Sazerac 18 Year Old Rye Whiskey Review (2012)

By S.D. Peters Rating: B+ The second American Rye whiskey in Buffalo Trace’s 2012 Antique Collection, Sazerac 18-year Old Rye Whiskey is a pleasant improvement on their standard Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey.  The latter is fine for mixing, but a bit too sweet for sipping neat.  The former reveals itself as an enjoyable neat whiskey, one suited in particular for ...

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