Scotch Whisky

Bourbon vs. Scotch

Whiskey vs. whisky

By Richard Thomas Bourbon and scotch are arguably the two most famous styles of whiskey. Irish whiskey has its niche, of course, as do non-bourbon American whiskeys like rye. Yet the two big contenders are whiskey’s Kentucky gentleman and its Scotland laird, and that simple fact leads to inevitable comparisons. The ill-informed unfortunately come away with the idea that scotch ...

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Grant’s Ale Cask Finish Scotch Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Grant’s Ale Cask Finish Scotch is a one of a kind whiskey, turning a well-established relationship between whiskey and beer on its head. Craft beers and microbrews (usually bourbon ales and stouts) have been aged in old whiskey casks for many years, although the idea only became popular during the last decade. Yet Grant’s Ale ...

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