Scotch Whisky

Whisky And Stout Beef Stew Recipe

Whisky and Stout Beef Stew

By Richard Thomas This winter warmer is adapted from the standard beef stew recipe I learned from my Mom. Taking the notion of the Guinness stews I so often see on pub menus as an inspiration, my experiment yielded a stew with a strong malty flavor profile, enhancing the slow-cooked beef and root vegetables. Ingredients 1 lb of roast or ...

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Flooding Threatens Irish And Scottish Distilleries

By Richard Thomas Storm Frank beat down on Ireland and Scotland over the weekend, causing widespread flooding. Today’s reports indicate substantial property damage and thousands without power, and in Scotland there has been one death. Flood warnings are still current in Scotland, even as the storm abates. For the Irish and Scottish whiskey industries, the flood means clean-up and repair ...

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Whiskey Shortage Report 2015

Empty liquor shelves

Putting Last Year’s Shortage Scare Stories Under The Microscope By Richard Thomas The previous year’s most consistent whiskey storyline was the “whiskey shortage,” spawning a plethora of articles in the whiskey press and the larger mainstream media, running right up to the last days of 2015. Tales of rapidly evaporating stocks of Scotch and bourbon have been a staple of ...

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Hunt Succeeds David As William Grant CEO

William Grant & Sons CEO Stella David is to step down in February 2016, with the company’s current CCO, Simon Hunt, set to succeed her. David joined the family-owned William Grant & Sons in 2009, and has overseen impressive growth and a series of important landmarks, such as the acquisition of and construction of a new distillery for Tullamore Dew. ...

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Auchentoshan 12 Year Old Scotch Review

Auchentoshan 12 Year Old

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Sometimes referred to as “Glasgow’s malt whisky” because of the distillery’s proximity to that city, Auchentoshan is one of the six distilleries comprising the Lowland region. The sweet and delicate signature of the spirit coming off Auchentoshan’s stills has also led some to call it “the breakfast whisky,” and that particular flavor likely stems from ...

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