Tennessee Whiskey

Diageo Sues Tennessee And Heaven Hill

By Richard Thomas Diageo opened Round Two of the Tennessee whiskey battle by going to court last Friday, filing a lawsuit in Federal Court against Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Director Keith Bell according to Courthouse News Service. The London-based drinks giant is seeking to overturn a 1937 law that prohibits Tennessee liquor-makers from storing and aging their products anywhere but ...

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Diageo Tennessee Whiskey Law Tabled

By Richard Thomas Drinks giant Diageo’s push to rewrite Tennessee’s new whiskey law allowing used barrel whiskey to enjoy the label of “Tennessee whiskey” has been tabled until summer amid fierce controversy. According to The Tennessean, State Senator Mark Green (R-Clarksville) moved for the contentious bill to be sent to a summer study committee. Practically speaking, this means the original ...

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What A New Diageo-Made Tennessee Whiskey Might Look Like

By Richard Thomas The most speculated upon aspect of Diageo’s attempt to gut Brown-Forman’s 2013 Tennessee whiskey law is the provision that would allow Tennessee whiskey to be made with used barrels. Rather than seek to repeal the provision of the law that enshrines the Lincoln County Process, or drip-filtration through maplewood charcoal, Diageo has taken the tack of trying ...

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