Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee State House Wrangles Over Whiskey Laws

By Richard Thomas Last year, the state of Tennessee passed a law defining Tennessee whiskey, giving it a solid, distinctive status under the law. Now that law is facing its first real test, in the form of a legislative gutting. The Wood Makes It Good Tennessee’s whiskey law defined the state’s whiskey as essentially bourbon, made in Tennessee and using ...

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Jennelle Gilreath Talks Whiskey

Jennelle Gilreath 1940s

By Richard Thomas If films, songs, and books are anything to go by, the 1940s was very much a whiskey decade. Despite the damage wrought by Prohibition and the disruptions caused by the Second World War, whiskey was in the tumblers of everyone from Humphrey Bogart to Jack Kerouac. So, it should come as no surprise that whiskey has found ...

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Touring George Dickel

By Richard Thomas In my experience, scenic watercourses surrounded with leafy green trees are part of the setting at many a distillery tour, but the bucolic splendor of George Dickel’s Cascade Hollow is in a class of its own. Whether you approach the distillery from the north or south, the route winds its way down a little country road alongside ...

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