Tennessee Whiskey

George Dickel 17 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey Review

George Dickel 17 Year Old

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ George Dickel strongly desired a smooth whisky experience, and believed wintertime distilling helped to provide that result. It’s also why the modern George Dickel Distillery added the extra step of chilling the new make whisky before sending it onto the Lincoln County Process. This distinguishes Dickel from their larger rivals in Tennessee Whiskey, Jack ...

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Now You Can Buy A Whole Barrel Of Jack Daniel’s

By Richard Thomas Heretofore, restaurants, hotels, liquor stores and other commercial buyers have been able to choose from a growing array of private barrel programs, putting their own stamp on (often a moderately superior version) of a familiar whiskey brand. It wasn’t a retail operation, however, and private individuals weren’t invited to the party. Now Jack Daniel’s is making that ...

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Second Distiller Deserts Dickel For Popcorn Sutton

By Richard Thomas Legal moonshine company Popcorn Sutton Distilling announced today that they had hired Allisa Henley as their new Master Blender. Henley had previously worked at George Dickel, the Tullahoma, Tennessee distillery owned by British drinks giant Diageo, for 11 years. She ended her tenure at Dickel as the lead Distiller, replacing former Master Distiller John Lunn when Lunn ...

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Jack Daniel’s Takes Down Scotch In The UK

By Richard Thomas When Diageo sent subsidiary George Dickel out to do battle against the 2013 Tennessee Whiskey Law that seemed very much in Dickel’s interests, speculation at the time was that it had nothing to do with Tennessee Whiskey and everything to do with safeguarding Diageo’s Johnnie Walker, the world’s top-selling whiskey, against the challenge of rival Jack Daniel’s. ...

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