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Hellyers Road Roaring 40 Australian Whisky Review

Hellyers Road Roaring 40 Tasmanian Whisky

By Emma Briones Rating: B Inspired by the story of explorer and cartographer Henry Hellyer, a group of dairy farmers founded a whisky distillery in the northwest of Tasmania. Eighteen years later, Hellyers Road is a best-selling, locally crafted Australian whisky, exported over to 20 countries. The first expression of their range is Hellyers Road Original Roaring Forty, which is ...

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Around The Globe With Five Malt Whiskeys

Puni Alba Whisky

By Richard Thomas Bourbon is undoubtedly booming, but it’s malted barley that stands as the dominant basis for world whisk(e)y. Leaving aside all those pricey Scottish single malts that inspire such devotion from global whisky fans, two other major whisky countries—Ireland and Japan—are also surging and just as barley-based. Malts are now widely touted as the “next big thing” in ...

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Australia’s Starward Distillery Opens New Digs

By Richard Thomas Starward Distillery, maker of Starward Malt Whisky, has relocated to a new location just 10 minutes from the Melbourne City Center. The new facility has effectively doubled Starward’s production capacity, so they can now produce 2,000 bottles of whisky per day. They have also expanded to include their own cocktail and whisky bar. Starward Distillery is now ...

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Hellyers Road Releases Single Malt Commemorating Henry Hellyer

By Richard Thomas Australian distillery Hellyers Road is set to release Wey River, a single malt commemorating explorer Henry Hellyer, the man who first surveyed northwest Tasmania. Hellyers Wey River Single Malt will be a single cask release, drawn from the same stock of Pinot Noir Finish whisky, the distillery’s most lauded. These will be sold in 500 ml bottles ...

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