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Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Average Rating: B- It’s hard to understate the importance of Marker’s Mark, because either the revival of interest in premium, craft bourbons would have been much delayed or might not have taken place altogether. “Maker’s” was a small batch bourbon before small batches were in vogue, and thus the trailblazer that achieved real success and international recognition. ...

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Noah’s Mill Small Batch 15 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey Review

Noah's Mill Small Batch 15 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

Editor’s Note: This review is of the original 15 year old version of this bourbon, not the current NAS version. By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Admirers of old fashioned, pre-Prohibition style bourbon love to hear two words in connection with a new bottle of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, namely “cask strength” and “small batch.” Granted, “single barrel” and “cask strength” ...

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Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Updated April 9, 2015 Rating: B+ Knob Creek is arguably the most well-known of Jim Beam’s line of signature small batch bourbons (the others being Baker’s, Booker’s and Basil Hayden). Each label of that signature line has its own distinctive character, with Knob Creek representing what is probably the most old fashioned and traditional of the four. ...

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