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Inside The Kentucky Cooperage

ISC Kentucky Cooperage

By Debbie Shocair When you invite me to tour your plant and in the same breath claim, “We rarely let the press come,” they already have my undivided attention. Add to that the plant being a mainstay of the Bourbon industry and you get to keep my attention, at least for an hour or two. That mainstay of Bourbon is ...

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What Goes Into A Bourbon Barrel

Brown-Forman barrel char

By Richard Thomas One of the things I am continually surprised to discover about whiskey fans is how little they most of them know about the (apparently humble) bourbon barrel. Enthusiasts of all stripes can speak intelligently about the arcane intracacies of still design, mash bills and even yeasts, but know their knowledge of whiskey wood remains strangely absent. This ...

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Types Of Barrels

Woodford Reserve Barrels

By Richard Thomas Only a few years ago, a controversy raged in American whiskey circles about the use of small barrels in the craft whiskey sector. A big part of why the issue caught on among bourbon enthusiasts for a time is because, until the craft distilling movement started, the 53 gallon American Standard Barrel (ASB) was the beginning and ...

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