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Visiting Kentucky? There Is More To It Than Distilleries

Brown-Forman barrel char

By Richard Thomas For the serious bourbon fan, coming to the Bluegrass and visiting distilleries is a good start to understanding and appreciating Kentucky’s native spirit and how it is made. What is more, taking in more than one distillery should hopefully allow one to see the differences in how each whiskey-maker creates their products and crafts their identity. As ...

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Calling Copper On Corsair Distillery, Bowling Green

Clay Smith and Steve Whitledge, Corsair Distillery

The Irish Rover Investigates The Stills Of Corsair’s First Plant By Christopher Kelley Corsair Artisan Distillery is a handcrafting, small batch distillery located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, just a few Interstate exits away from the famous Mammoth Cave National Park. This spelunker cave is one of many in the beautiful Green River Valley system, and the distillery and tasting room ...

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Irish Distillery Boom Gaining Speed

Walsh pot stills

By Richard Thomas One of the clearest markers that the whiskey boom was a worldwide phenomenon was the surging growth of Irish whiskey, measured not just in cases of Jameson shipped but in the revival of Ireland’s very distillery scene. Whereas Irish whiskey-making began the century consolidated around a mere three distilleries, by 2013 one could ask if the country ...

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Four Scotch Distillery Revivals

Glen Keith Stillhouse

By Richard Thomas Lately the mainstream news seems to have been on a see-saw when it comes to Scotch whisky. On the uptick, it reports on how large and valuable the whisky industry is (such as it did during the September 2014 independence referendum) or on how the value of rare, collectible bottles of the stuff is at an all-time ...

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Balcones Receives New Scottish Stills

By Richard Thomas In the first major, visible change since the controversial departure of co-founder Chip Tate from Texas distillery Balcones, the company received a brand new set of Forsyth’s-made copper pot stills yesterday, according to The Waco Tribune. The stills were installed at the old Fireproof Storage Building, soon to be the new $15 million home of Balcones. Part ...

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