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Homemade Apple Pie Liqueur

Homemade Apple Pie Whiskey

By Richard Thomas One of my periodic projects is taking some of the more disappointing whiskeys that I come across and finding a way to recover them. My staple move is to try some home blending, which is especially useful in cases where a whiskey is sub-par because it is overwhelmed by one or more strong flavors. However, at The ...

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Franklin County Distilleries White Label Corn Whiskey Review

FCD Corn Whiskey

By Debbie Shocair Rating: B Right from the heart of moonshine country, Franklin County, Virginia, comes a new member of the American Craft Corn Whiskey movement. Franklin County Distillery’s (FCD’s) White Label Corn Whiskey builds on the reputation that authentic bootleggers built, and claims to offer a “true taste of history and heritage in every bottle.” Corn whiskey can be ...

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The Whiskey Stick Kit That Really Works

Barrel Char In A Jar

By Richard Thomas One of the slew of accessory products that came out as a result of the Bourbon Boom were home-aging kits. Many of these were nothing more than oak sticks, with variations adding textured surfaces, charring or toasting. There have also been miniature barrels and, strangest of all, twirling whiskey sticks. The usual advised method for using the ...

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Craft Whiskey In Crafty Vermont

By Richard Thomas Vermont is a little state. Only Wyoming has fewer people in it, and in geographic size it is typical of the small states of New England. Yet that little place is renowned for its natural splendor, and that combined with an iconoclastic streak have given rise to Vermont having a reputation for craftiness in many things. Charming ...

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