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LBL Moonshine Up For Auction

By Richard Thomas LBL Moonshine, once the premier legal moonshine brand in Western Kentucky due to its appearance in The Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, is reportedly up for auction. Spencer Balentine opened Silver Trail Distillery and an accompanying museum in the Kentucky’s Land Between The Lakes region several years ago, blazing a trail that many legal moonshine outfits from Hopkinsville to ...

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Stolen 11 Year Old American Whiskey Review

Stolen 11YO Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Stolen Spirits first gained attention with the introduction of its smoked rum and a marketing shtick that borrows a page from Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book and modernizes it. Now they have followed up on that with Stolen Whiskey. Stolen Whiskey began as an MGP product with which very few drinkers will be directly familiar, ...

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Want To Try Whiskey Blending? Timber Creek Can Help You There

Timber Creek Blending Kit

By Elizabeth Emmons Micro-barrels that allow for small experiments in home whiskey aging have been around for a while now, but, for the most part, those who wanted to try their hands at home blending could only improvise and do it themselves. Thanks to a micro-distillery in Florida, however, that is no longer the case. Timber Creek Distillery, the producers ...

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Kentucky’s Second Sight Spirits Releases Corn Whole Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Ludlow, Kentucky’s Second Spirits, nestled into a bend in the Ohio River not even half a mile from the bridge into Cincinnati, has released its Corn Whole Whiskey. Made from 100% corn and aged six months in a used single malt barrel, this is the first whiskey release from the Northern Kentucky micro-distillery. The limited edition is ...

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Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine Review

Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ “Apple Pie” is one of those classic concoctions meant to make moonshine more palatable to all comers, and less of an acquired taste. The idea is simple. You use apple juice or cider (cider is best) and pie spices, especially cinnamon, to both cut down and flavor your liquor. Some people like it warmed, as ...

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