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Kentucky’s Second Sight Spirits Releases Corn Whole Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Ludlow, Kentucky’s Second Spirits, nestled into a bend in the Ohio River not even half a mile from the bridge into Cincinnati, has released its Corn Whole Whiskey. Made from 100% corn and aged six months in a used single malt barrel, this is the first whiskey release from the Northern Kentucky micro-distillery. The limited edition is ...

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Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine Review

Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ “Apple Pie” is one of those classic concoctions meant to make moonshine more palatable to all comers, and less of an acquired taste. The idea is simple. You use apple juice or cider (cider is best) and pie spices, especially cinnamon, to both cut down and flavor your liquor. Some people like it warmed, as ...

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Tennessee’s Craft Whiskey Scene

Dark Bell & Andrew Webber

By Richard Thomas Tennessee is not just the Volunteer State, but also America’s second whiskey state. Kentucky’s sister state was one of the survivors of Prohibition and the 1970s whiskey slump, making Jack Daniels, George Dickel and the Lincoln County Process (LCP) fixtures in the story of modern American whiskey. Yet the very fact that for decades it was just ...

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Lovell Brothers Sour Mash Whiskey Review

Lovell Brothers Sour Mash Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- As the story goes, Lovell Brothers is the product of a reformed Georgia moonshiner. Founder Carlos Lovell, now well in his 80s, reportedly started in the family ‘shining business at the age of 16. In 2012, Mr. Lovell started Ivy Mountain Distillery, and they have two products out: an aged and an unaged corn whiskey. ...

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