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Ballotin Bourbon Ball Chocolate Whiskey

Ballotin Bourbon Ball Whiskey

By Debbie Shocair Rating: B+ For those of you who think I should be eschewing anything resembling a flavored whiskey, I have two answers: First, if it’s tasty, why not? Second, I have always viewed the flavored whiskies (the good ones, anyway) as “gateway whiskeys,” luring the unsuspecting and under-acquainted palate into the realm of traditional whiskey. Once that first ...

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Gaur Spice Flavored Whiskey Review

Guar Spice Whiskey

By Debbie Shocair Rating: B The bottling company Spectrum Spirits has released this small batch American “whiskey with natural spice flavors,” and as far as flavored whiskeys go (a category in itself these days), it’s a classy, understated expression that dabbles in subtleties. While most people expect me to abhor flavored whiskies, I enjoy explaining my view of their role ...

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Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine Review

Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine

By Richard Thomas Rating: C+ “Apple Pie” is one of those classic concoctions meant to make moonshine more palatable to all comers, and less of an acquired taste. The idea is simple. You use apple juice or cider (cider is best) and pie spices, especially cinnamon, to both cut down and flavor your liquor. Some people like it warmed, as ...

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