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Close-Up On Rockypoint Stills

Christopher Kelley

An Interview With Western Kentucky Still-Maker Christopher Kelley By Richard Thomas The “bourbon shortage” gets all the headlines these days, but one of the genuine shortages in the whiskey-making business, or indeed in the larger distilling industry, is in equipment. Since The Whiskey Reviewer’s early days the number of micro-distilleries operating or under construction in the United States has quadrupled, ...

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Close-Up On Hillbilly Stills

Hillbilly Stills

By Richard Thomas The American craft whiskey boom and the widening interest in home distilling has created a demand for stills and other distillation items on a scale that simply did not exist 15 years ago, leaving established copperworks shops such as the famed Vendome of Louisville, Kentucky with waiting lists stretching out more than a year. A crop of ...

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Small Barrel Aging 101

By Richard Thomas Renewed interest in small barrel aging has come up hand-in-hand with the micro-distilling boom, causing even big distilleries to get in on the act. Proponents of small barrel aging claim the use of smaller barrels allows them to create a superior product in a short space of time, an attractive proposition for a small start-up who would ...

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