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Brett Saxon Talks Whiskey

Brett Saxon

By Richard Thomas Whiskey and entertainers, especially musicians, is becoming a staple here at The Whiskey Reviewer, and the lesson we’ve learned about performers is to have no expectations when it comes to taste. Take Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Brett Saxon, who hasn’t got much interest in Scotch, but loves just about everything else under the whisk(e)y umbrella, including moonshine. RT: Running ...

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Q&A With Jedd Haas of Atelier Vie

A Talk With Louisiana’s Rice Whiskey-Maker By Kurt Maitland On a recent trip to New Orleans, I had the pleasure of tasting Atelier’s Riz rice whiskey and was able to speak to the distillery’s Jedd Haas about his whiskey. KM: What moved you from electronics and tech to distilling? What skills/approaches did you learn in your prior career that influence ...

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Bethany Brooke Anderson Talks Bourbon

Bethany Brooke Anderson

By Richard Thomas Since its start as the 15th state, Kentucky has been one of those places that produces noteworthy people entirely out of proportion to its modest population. When it comes to Kentucky’s rising thespians, few are as true-blue or as noteworthy as Bethany Brooke Anderson. A Lexington native and University of Kentucky-trained actor, Anderson has returned to the ...

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April Manning Talks Bourbon

April Manning with Jimmy Russell

Children’s Books Author Opens Up About Her Love Of Wild Turkey By Richard Thomas Authors and whiskey are a widely embraced theme, so much so as to be a cliche, and one we take close interest in here at The Whiskey Reviewer. But what about children’s books authors? Just because one writes for kids doesn’t mean one checks her adult ...

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