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Q&A With Greg Lehman, Watershed Distillery

Greg Lehman of Watershed

By Richard Thomas If you pay attention to drinks articles dealing with the best craft bourbons or the best bourbons not made in Kentucky, then you have probably come across the name “Watershed Distillery,” since the Columbus, Ohio micro-distillery has appeared in most of them. We’ve taken a keen interest in Watershed and it’s “Buckeye” bourbon for a couple of ...

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Responses To Masters Of Whisky Closure

By Kurt Maitland Last week’s news that British drinks giant Diageo would close their Masters of Whisky (MOW) program at the end of September perhaps went unnoticed by drinkers at large, but it was a seismic event among the bartenders, retailers, enthusiasts, journalists and industry professionals who had engaged with the program during its two decade lifespan. Even more shocking ...

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James Holland Talks Scotch

Author James Holland

By Richard Thomas If you follow our “Talks Whiskey” series, then you know by now that writing and whisk(e)y have a clear intersection. The only real caveat is what side of the Pond the author is from, because that dictates whether he or she is a bourbon or a Scotch drinker. Devotees of Second World War history documentaries will doubtless ...

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