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Powers John’s Lane 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey Review

Powers John's Lane 12 YO

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Behind the surging popularity of Irish whiskey is Jamesons, but behind that is New Midleton distillery staking its claim to fame as the house that preserved single pot still whiskey for future generations. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that Midleton has not only single pot still whiskey lines, such as the Spots, ...

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Connemara Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- The classic zinger about Connemara is “So you like this Irish whiskey that is peated, a single malt, and double distilled? So what you are really saying is you like scotch?” As the axiom goes, also a classic, “It’s funny because it’s true.” It’s the peated part in particular that makes it so. Double distillation ...

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IWA Announces Ambitious Strategy For Irish Whiskey Growth

By Richard Thomas Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Agriculture and Defense Minister, will launch the Irish Whiskey Association’s “Vision for Irish Whiskey” at an event this evening in the Old Jameson Distillery, Smithfield. This new document, “Irish Whiskey Strategy,” sets out the Irish whiskey industry’s future and outlines a strategy to ensure continued growth in the sector. The Irish Whiskey Strategy document ...

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Q&A With Billy Leighton of Jameson

Billy Leighton

New Midleton’s Master Blender Talks Jameson And “Catholic Whiskey” By Richard Thomas The way New Midleton organizes the division of labor for its whiskeys makes explaining the various tasks that go into whiskey-making much simpler, especially compared to the omnibus job title “Master Distiller” as it is used in the United States. Brian Nation has that title down in Cork ...

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Touring Tullamore DEW

Tullamore DEW VIsitors Center

By Richard Thomas Perhaps most symbolic of the modern revival of the Irish whiskey scene was the return of Tullamore DEW to is namesake town. Heralding the opening of the spanking new distillery last year was the 2012 opening of the Tullamore DEW Visitors Center. Go To The Museum, Not The Distillery Keep in mind that split between the distillery, ...

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