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Puni Nero Italian Whisky Review (2017)

Puni Nero

By Emma Briones Rating: C+ The first Italian whisky distillery, Puni, has launched their second edition of their limited edition expression, Puni Nero. This new version has a lower alcohol content and less cask maturation. Puni Nero Limited Edition 2017 has been matured for four years in Pinot Nero casks from Italian wineries in the South Tyrol. This region is ...

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Puni Sole Italian Whisky Review

Puni Sole Single Malt

By Emma Briones Rating: B Every day there are more and more distilleries joining the worldwide whisky industry. Most of them have learned from the Scottish distilleries, and in Italy the Puni Distillery is one of them. Born in 2010 in the Italian Alps, the distillery has already produced three whiskies, two regular and one limited edition. Now Puni Sole ...

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Italy’s Puni Whisky Introduces A New Single Malt

Puni, Italy’s first whisky distillery, has introduced a new single malt. This new expression, Puni Sole, is the fourth overall and the third to their regular, core range. After an initial maturation of two years in ex-Bourbon barrels from the United States, Puni Sole was finished for another two years in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks from Spain. “Sole” means sun ...

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Puni Nova Italian Whisky Review

Puni Nova Italian Whisky

By Richard Thomas Rating: C Nestled into the Alpine foothills of Italy’s South Tyrol, Puni Distillery bills itself as Italy’s first malt whisky-maker. The family-owned and -operated concerned set up shop in 2010, installed Forsyth’s-made mashtun and stills, and began production in 2012. The spirit from those initial production runs were released earlier this year as a pair of young ...

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