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Berry Bros. To Release Daftmill’s First Single Malt Next Year

Famed wine and spirits merchants Berry Brothers & Rudd are releasing the whisky made by one of Scotland’s newest and smallest producers, Daftmill. Francis and Ian Cuthbert founded the distillery on the family farm near Fife in 2005, and is an early example of the growing “single estate” distillery. “Single Estates” are a throwback to the model that was prevalent ...

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Spending The Holidays At A Distillery

Angel's Envy tasting room

By Richard Thomas A distillery is in essence a booze-making factory, and like blue-collar industrial enterprises everywhere, they often close on the Holidays if not for the duration of the Holidays. Yet as tourism has become a larger part of the business of many distilleries, this isn’t quite as true as it used to be. The distillery itself might not ...

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2bar Straight Bourbon Review

2Bar Straight Bourbon

By Debbie Shocair Rating: B+ Once again, my foray into America’s small distillers was rewarded with a delightful expression of amber gold that proved easy to write about. Dangling participle and all. 2bar Spirits is a Pacific Northwest distiller, but the story begins with a family whose 2bar Ranch in South Texas. Nathan Kaiser drew on that background for inspiration, ...

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Nelson’s 108 Gold Label Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey Review

Nelson's Gold Label 108 Single Barrel Cask Strength

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Five months ago, Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery in Nashville gave American whiskey enthusiasts a novelty that checked two special boxes, by coming out with a pair of releases dubbed Nelson’s 108. For starters, this was the first in-house release from the Tennessee micro-distillery, which is noteworthy in and of itself. Nelson’s 108 is also a revival ...

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