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Kentucky Mist Moonshine Lawsuit Dismissed

By Richard Thomas Kentucky Mist Moonshine, a micro-distillery based in the coal mining town of Whitesburg, Kentucky, suffered a major blow in its trademark battle with the University of Kentucky (UK) last Thursday. U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves dismissed Kentucky Mist’s lawsuit against UK over the use of the word “Kentucky” on clothing on June 23, ruling that the university had ...

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Tennessee’s Craft Whiskey Scene

Dark Bell & Andrew Webber

By Richard Thomas Tennessee is not just the Volunteer State, but also America’s second whiskey state. Kentucky’s sister state was one of the survivors of Prohibition and the 1970s whiskey slump, making Jack Daniels, George Dickel and the Lincoln County Process (LCP) fixtures in the story of modern American whiskey. Yet the very fact that for decades it was just ...

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Wilderness Trace Opens New And Bigger Danville, Kentucky Facility

By Richard Thomas Kentucky micro-distillery Wilderness Trace has opened their new distillery in Danville, Kentucky and begun producing whiskey there. With their larger facility, Wilderness Trace is now able to increase their output twelve times over and is better able to give visitors a proper Bluegrass bourbon experience. The new distillery is located on a 21 acre property, with the ...

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Four Kings Malt Whiskey Review

Four Kings American Malt

Updated June 21, 2016 By Richard Thomas Rating:B- The “Four Kings” of craft whiskey—Mississippi River Distilling, FEW Spirits, Journeyman Distillery and Corsair Distilling—have done it again, releasing a new collaboration whiskey. Once again, three of the best known whiskey-making micro-distilleries in the Mid-West plus one from the South have contributed equal portions of whiskey to create a new blend. Following ...

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Brewstilling: Making Beer And Whiskey Under One Roof

Ranger Creek's Still

Craft Whiskey’s Intersection Between Distilling And Brewing By Father John Rayls and Richard Thomas In Ireland and Scotland, a common factoid learned on tours of whiskey distilleries is that in the early stages of production, whiskey and beer are essentially the same thing. Yet despite those common roots in turning malted barley into sugary wort for fermentation, even in Ireland ...

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