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Iowa Legendary White Rye Whiskey Review

Iowa Legendary Rye

By Father John Rayls Rating: B If you’ve ever listened to someone with passion trying to start a business, you’ve heard the tales of excitement, challenge and fulfillment. If you listened closely, you also heard the tales of fear, inadequacy and failure. Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  Edison’s message there ...

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Old Forester Statesman Bourbon Review

Old Forester Statesman Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating:B+ Product placement of whiskey is nothing new, but it’s still rather novel to concoct a new product for such a purpose. Yet that is what was done not once, but twice for the recently released sequel to the spy parody/bro film Kingsman. In this film, the British spooks cross the Atlantic and meet their American counterparts, ...

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Woodford Reserve Releases Master’s Collection 2017, A High Malt Bourbon

Woodford Reserve has announced the twelfth release of its limited edition Master’s Collection, Cherry Wood Smoked Barley, which will hit shelves this November. The new release marries the brand’s innovation with the industry’s historic roots by paying tribute to the craftsmanship and vision of past distillery industry leaders Oscar Pepper and James Crow. The Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Cherry Wood ...

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