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Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon Review (2017)

Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon 2017

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon, sourced with Luxco stock and released through Limestone Branch Distillery, is now in its third edition. Since the brand is jockeying for a place in the annual slate of exciting autumnal American Whiskey releases, it’s worth pausing to do a recap of the series so far and the people who make ...

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Barrell Bourbon Batch 013 Review

Barrell Bourbon 13

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ Barrell Craft Spirits is a non-distiller producer (NDP), which is what we like to call independent bottlers in America, that offers cask-strength expressions of (mostly) American whiskeys. Rather than focusing on producing a consistent line of products, BCS has chosen the route of limited edition-style uniqueness, with every batch being a thing in and ...

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Berry Bros. To Release Daftmill’s First Single Malt Next Year

Famed wine and spirits merchants Berry Brothers & Rudd are releasing the whisky made by one of Scotland’s newest and smallest producers, Daftmill. Francis and Ian Cuthbert founded the distillery on the family farm near Fife in 2005, and is an early example of the growing “single estate” distillery. “Single Estates” are a throwback to the model that was prevalent ...

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Compass Box No Name Scotch Review

Compass Box No Name Whisky

By Emma Briones Rating: A Launched alongside another new blend, Compass Box Phenomenology, Compass Box No Name is the peatiest whisky from the independent Scotch blender to date. Both are designed to challenge a drinker’s “thinking about how a whisky is experienced and understood,” by focusing on the sensory experiences that both whiskies bring to the table. But why launch ...

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