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Bourbon & Beyond Expands On Kentucky’s Whiskey Festivals

Bourbon & Beyond

By April Manning When Louisville celebrates bourbon, they definitely go beyond expectations. Louisville, KY honored National Bourbon Heritage Month by throwing bourbon a party at the Bourbon and Beyond Festival and inviting everyone to partake. The group at Bourbon and Beyond provided the perfect combination of bourbon, bourbon education, and ways to enjoy drinking bourbon, i.e. with abundant food and ...

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Crackdown On Counterfeit Van Winkle Scores First Win

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon, the bourbon that is so hard to find it has been compared to unicorns and chimeras, has become so popular it’s often being counterfeited with knock off and recycled bottles and illegally re-sold on the “secondary markets” online. The Van Winkles, along with partners Buffalo Trace Distillery, have taken action and successfully provided evidence of counterfeiting ...

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Is Tennessee Whiskey Bourbon?

Jack Daniel's charcoal

By Richard Thomas Go into a bar—not a whiskey bar, but any bar—and you may hear a friendly argument as to is whether or not Tennessee Whiskey is Bourbon. It’s a decades-old classic, and it used to be on one side were those who were dismissive of Jack Daniel’s, by far the biggest name in Tennessee Whiskey (indeed, American Whiskey ...

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Scott Southworth Talks Bourbon

Scott Southworth

By Richard Thomas If you find yourself attending one of the growing series of evening entertainment events taking place at Kentucky’s Bourbon distilleries, you might look up at the musicians on stage and wonder if they too are Bourbon drinkers. It’s a fair question, and one I put to Scott Southworth. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest and now based in ...

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Five Basic Rules For Drinking Scotch

Oban 14 Year Old Single Malt

By Richard Thomas Not long ago I saw a meme of a hipsterish-looking fellow drinking out of a snifter, and the caption read “I drink Scotch because it makes me look mysterious and unavailable.” Humor aside, Scotch has a rarefied reputation, one that carries even to its cheaper, mass market blends to a limited extent. Because of that, getting into ...

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