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The No BS Guide To Whiskey Glasses

Norlan Whisky Glass comparison

By Richard Thomas One of the subjects I see regularly abused by whisk(e)y snobs is glassware. While I encourage enthusiasts to take an interest in things that might enhance their enjoyment of their drink of choice, at the same time I have images of esteemed master distillers drinking their own product out of a Dixie Cup to contrast that to. ...

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Upgrading to the NEAT Glass

By S.D. Peters When tasting whiskey for my Whiskey Reviewer work, I had been using a snifter. Yet at its best, the snifter is only half a step up from a tumbler or shot glass, and only because its positives just outweigh its noticeable drawbacks. The now well-established Glencairn Glass is one option I have not yet had an opportunity ...

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Upgrading to the Glencairn Glass

By Jake Emen Three years ago, I wanted to buy a new television – it was time for a major upgrade. I waited and waited, did an extensive amount of research and comparison, and eventually snagged a deal with a Black Friday sale. The day I brought it home and turned it on, I instantly realized I was a fool. ...

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