Ranger Creek Texas Whiskey Comes To Nashville

San Antonio-based Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling has entered into a distribution agreement with Lipman Brothers to make their award-winning line-up of Texas whiskeys available in Tennessee starting Feb. 7.  The 3-year old distillery’s products have been available only in Texas up until now.  Recent recognition for their flagship Texas bourbon has increased out-of-state demand, and Ranger Creek selected Nashville ...

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Ranger Creek Formally Releases .44 Rye Whiskey Today

Ranger Creek has released their new Texas rye whiskey as the third installment of their Small Caliber Series.  Following the series’s theme of naming each whiskey after a firearm, the .44 Texas Rye is named after the powerful Walker Colt of the 1840’s. Past Small Calibers include the .36 bourbon and the Rimfire mesquite-smoked American malt. The Whiskey Reviewer got ...

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Vancouver’s Liberty Distillery Releases First Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Vancouver’s Liberty Distillery released their newest spirit today, and their first whiskey. Railspur No. 1 is a triple-distilled in a single copper pot still from malt white whiskey, and bottled at 47% abv. The malt used is 100% organic barley grown in Armstrong, British Columbia. Liberty opened its doors in November 2013, and the Railspur No. 1 ...

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La Alazana Distillery Set To Release Whiskey In 2014

By Richard Thomas With whiskey-making spreading around the globe, one of the few places the practice is springing up that should come as no surprise is Argentina. The country is renowned as a land of thick-cut, charcoal-grilled steaks, and whiskey is the best after-steak drink there is. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before someone ...

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Top Whiskey Picks for 2013

Compass Box Peat Monster 10th

The Whiskey Reviewer doesn’t have any formal awards to give out, at least not yet. However, that does not mean that we don’t have our opinions. Our staff comes across plenty of noteworthy whiskey during the year. Our purview extends to embraces all types of whiskey, from bourbon to moonshine to scotch; covers whiskey from around the world, from Australia ...

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