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West 6th Stock Ale Beer Review

West Sixth Stock Ale

By Richard Thomas Rating: B One of the earliest entries in Lexington, Kentucky’s recent “craft beer 2.0” movement, West Sixth has made a pretty substantial commitment to barrel aging. You can see it for yourself if you stop by during a special event in their back room, since it’s right there among their ricks. Coming from those stores and available ...

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Art Eatables Bourbon Chocolatier

By April Manning During a recent stay in Louisville, Kentucky I was sitting in my hotel room perusing a Downtown Louisville map and I came upon an enticing location promising bourbon chocolates from a bourbon-certified chocolatier. Needless to say I was intrigued and found myself on my way to this ideal chocolate shop. Established in 2011, Art Eatables is Kentucky’s ...

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Roast Chicken Bourbon Maple Glaze Recipe

By Richard Thomas Last week I was dining at Lexington’s Middle Fork restaurant, an outstanding place located inside the renovated shell of the defunct James E. Pepper Distillery. I dined on their split half of a roast chicken with maple glaze, which was melt in your mouth wonderful. Of course, the next morning I began thinking about how to take ...

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Scotch Whisky Venison Jerky Recipe

By Richard Thomas Having returned to My Old Kentucky Home, I have revived my passion for hiking and discovered the pleasures of a local nature preserve, Raven Run, as a part of that. On my drive to the park, there is posted a reminder that it is deer season and there is plenty of game about in the form of ...

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