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Whisky And Stout Beef Stew Recipe

By Richard Thomas This winter warmer is adapted from the standard beef stew recipe I learned from my Mom. Taking the notion of the Guinness stews I so often see on pub menus as an inspiration, my experiment yielded a stew with a strong malty flavor profile, enhancing the slow-cooked beef and root vegetables. Ingredients 1 lb of roast or ...

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Rye on Rye Ale Beer Review

Rye on Rye Ale

Rye On Rye Ale: The Whiskey Connection By Daniel Matthews Rating: A Plenty of you may be wondering, what is an ale doing here trespassing on whiskey’s property? But before you get out the shotgun and tell ale to go back to where it came from, let’s just say this ale is whiskey’s friend and there was an invite extended. ...

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Thanksgiving Whiskey Pairings

Thanksgiving paired with whiskey

Guide To Pairing Whiskey With Your Holiday Feast By Richard Thomas Thanksgiving weekend is the second busiest travel window in America, with this year set to become the biggest ever with AAA estimating 46.9 million people hitting the roads and trudging through airports. If getting past that experience weren’t enough to make you want to put a bottle of bourbon ...

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Chocolate Rye Whiskey Cookie Recipe

By Richard Thomas With colder weather coming, many kitchens are turning to filling sweet treats and desserts. My own kitchen is no exception, and the other day I thought about how I had plenty of recipes for such tasty morsels using bourbon whiskey, but none calling for rye. I set out to find something to adapt to my purpose, and ...

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Jameson Caskmates Is Back And Going Worldwide

Irish Distillers has announced the global release of Jameson Caskmates, following a successful limited run in Ireland last year. Created by the Midleton Distillery in collaboration with micro-brewer, Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork, Jameson Caskmates offers a new taste experience that will satisfy the appetite of whiskey enthusiasts, Jameson drinkers and craft beer fans. The Jameson Caskmates story began back ...

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