Scotch Whisky

Famous Grouse To Set New World’s Record For Biggest Whiskey Bottle

[Adapted from The Famous Grouse Press Release] The Famous Grouse, named by The Whiskey Reviewer as the Best Blended Scotch, is attempting to set a new Guinness World Record by creating the world’s largest bottle of whiskey, to be unveiled on their brand birthday celebrations on Sunday, the 12th August. “Scotland’s favourite whiskey” is aiming to take the current world ...

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Compass Box Oak Cross Scotch Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ The Whiskey Reviewer first explored Compass Box’s interest in high quality French oak when we reviewed their acclaimed scotch, The Spice Tree. The Oak Cross scotch is another expression of that French oak connection. One of the innovations at Compass Box was the notion that French oak had more applications than just aging French wine. ...

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Harry Collins Cocktail Recipe

By Richard Thomas Whiskey is a tricky spirit for cocktails, because so many whiskeys have a smoky aspect that doesn’t exactly blend well with tonic water, lemon juice and other mixology fixtures. The Sandy or Jock Collins is an example. Because it takes the basic Tom Collins recipe and simply exchanges scotch for gin, coming up with a palatable cocktail ...

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